941Express 2014 /941Express-2014.html 941Express 2014 Reporting Agent Pub 3823 941 e-file 940 e-file 720 e-file 720 transmitter 941express 2014 release notes latest update 12/27/2013 important reporting agents if the software is located on your server, make sure you use the correct path to install the software don t take the default which will put it on your local machine you can feel free to use the same directory as the 2013 software, or just create a new directory for 2014 and allow it to migrate the information to the new location 1 941express 2014 will support all of the schema changes from version 4 3 of the e-file specification forms 940 and 944 are updated for ty2013 2 941express 2014 continues to support the 12 4% rate for ty2013 as required by the expiration of the payroll tax holiday 3 the 2013 941 and 944 form s support the additional medicare tax on earners over $200,000 for single, and $250,000 for married filers this software now supports that entry on the 941 and 944 form s 4 the 940 form adds the following states to the credit reduction for ty 2013 arkansas, california, connecticut, delaware, georgia, indiana, kentucky, missouri, north carolina, new york, ohio, rhode island, wisconsin and the virgin islands the 940 was kept at the 006 rate for ty2013 and this is relected in the software the schedule a was modified to include all of the new cr states in a more seamless fashion 5 the 944 form reflects the change for ty2013 of 12 4% 6 a new navigation option is introduced which provides a windows explorer-like tree view for the company database you can now gain access to all objects from within one single company database screen 7 transmission history is now stored in the company database for any return that is successfully submitted to lewis software, or the irs 8 941express now supports the import and transmit option for tab delimited customers as well as the excel format 9 941express now supports 941-pr and 941-ss forms as of july 1, 2013