Business Taxpayer /Business-Taxpayer.html This describes the process for filing returns using 941Express as a Business Taxpayer. 941 e-file 940 e-file after the fact payroll returns business taxpayer 941express is a windows compatible software product that will allow any business taxpayer to it to file their payroll tax returns electronically this product will install on your windows machine and will utilize the internet to transfer your data to lewis software once the return is completed the product is now available free for download to business taxpayers proceed to our software downloads page to obtain the software who is a business taxpayer a business taxpayer is one who files a return for a single organization as the owner, or as an employee of that organization this employee must file this return as a part of their job responsibilities the process for filing returns as a business taxpayer after downloading our windows software product you can use 941express after you enter you complete the information in the company database this requires a 10 digit pin that is obtained from the irs if you have a pin already, then you can use our product immediately to file your business returns if you don t, then follow the procedure listed below to register for your pin it will come in the mail in roughly 7-10 days after completing the registration how to register for an online filing pin download and install the 941express software product to your windows machine open the software, and choose the file menu, and then view company database now, go to the company menu at the top of the window and choose the option for new company this will open up access to the data entry fields enter your company information into the software including your e-mail address and business contact information do not put anything in the online pin field once this is completed, click < keep> on the toolbar and then save company database next, go to the company menu and choose the option for register for irs e-file this option will send your data in an encrypted manner to lewis software associates, llc we will take this information and send it to the irs what if i already have a pin if you have a 10 digit e-file pin provided to you by the irs for another provider, then you can use that pin to file payroll returns using 941express if the pin is the 4 digit number provided for use with eftps, it is not valid for payroll return e-filing you must follow the procedure above to request a new 10 digit pin from the irs pricing for business taxpayers and preparers a business taxpayer can use our 941express software without registration you are only required to pay for each return filed which is collected by our web site after transmission the pricing model is as shown in the table below type of return period of return price of return 940 yearly $7 00 per filing 941 w/schedule b quarterly $7 00 per filing 944 yearly $7 00 per filing any return type with payment included quarterly or yearly $9 00 per filing accepted methods of payment lewis software associates, llc can accept payments in the following methods credit cards - mastercard, visa, american express and discover are all accepted direct debit - we can debit your checking account directly if you complete our direct debit form and provide a copy of a voided check faxed to our office at 301 386-3873 the fee for returned deposits or checks is $15 00 on top of the amount due invoice - we can invoice customers for 1 year of service if desired please send the billing contact for the invoice via e-mail to support@lswonline com and we will send the invoice for the first year of service the invoice should be satisified prior to the filing of your first return paypal - we can accept any type of paypal payments as well