FAQ for 941Express 2014 /FAQ-for-941Express-2014.html 941 e-file 940 e-file Reporting Agent Payroll e-file 941Express 941 940 944 e-file 941 e-file electronic filing IRS Payroll Payroll tax returns Reporting Agent Schedule R Schedule B IRS efile AdaptaSoft PayChoice Apex Payroll Execupay Summit Software 941 941-PR 941-SS Schedule R Schedule B faq for 941express 2014 question why is 941express being discontinued answer the irs is discontinuing their legacy 94x e-file system ems which 941express was designed to interface with since that product is being shut down in late 2015, we felt it would be best to start our new product with a more expandable product foundation than to carry 941express along to that new environment quarterly express plus will have the ability to handle many more return types without major development effort this wil allow us to provide more e-file options for our customers into the future