Indirect Reporting Agent /Indirect-Reporting-Agent.html This page describes the process of filing returns using 941Express as an Indirect Reporting Agent. Reporting Agent Pub 3823 941 e-file 940 e-file transmitter indirect reporting agent who is an indirect reporting agent a indirect agent is one who files payroll returns as a reporting agent, but does not perform the transmission to the irs the indirect agent will prepare their returns in 941express, or in their payroll product and import the information into 941express once the returns are complete and ready for transmission, they will use one of our indrect options to transmit this information to lewis software associates, llc for further processing this option differs from our direct options because lewis software will charge a per return fee for the processing of these returns this amount is normally determined on the volume of the returns involved the process for filing returns as an indirect reporting agent once you have completed the irs registration process and have your efin and reporting agent pin numbers, you are ready to file real returns download and install the 941express software product to your windows machine purchase your indirect license by clicking on the help, register software and register online menu option or go to the lewis software online store now that the software is activated, open the software and click on the agent, agent information screen this must be completed with all of your business information including efin and reporting agent pin open the software, and choose the file menu, and then view company database now, go to the company menu at the top of the window and choose the option for new company this will open up access to the data entry fields enter your company information into the software once this is completed, click < keep> on the toolbar and then save company database continue to enter companies until complete next you can create a return by opening the company in the company database and choosing the new 941 option on the toolbar invoicing and billing for returns when filing returns as an indirect agent, we typically invoice you once per quarter once you have completed filing your last return inform us you have sent your last return, and that will generate an invoice for the quarter in many cases, when your license is ready for renewal, we will include that in the invoice it can be paid by company check or credit card using our online store indirect reporting agent requirements 941express indirect license fee of $100 00 per year you will be charged a per return fee for each filing based on your volume you must obtain your electronic filer identification number efin , and your reporting agent pin from the irs