Quarterly Express Plus vs. 941Express /Quarterly-Express-Plus-vs.-941Express.html 941 e-file 940 e-file Reporting Agent Payroll e-file 941Express 941 940 944 e-file 941 e-file electronic filing IRS Payroll Payroll tax returns Reporting Agent Schedule R Schedule B IRS efile AdaptaSoft PayChoice Apex Payroll Execupay Summit Software 941 941-PR 941-SS Schedule R Schedule B quarterly express plus vs 941express which product should you choose this depends on your situation and how you are expecting to file returns for example, if you are a new business taxpayer and have not obtained a pin number from the irs, you can use quarterly express plus to file your 941 return today without waiting 10-14 days for the irs to provide you with the number quarterly express plus uses a signature capture capability which allows you to file without any delay if you are a business taxpayer that already has a 10 digit pin, you can continue to use 941express which will support that option until q1 2015 if you are a business taxpayer that needs to file 720 returns, you can use quarterly express plus for them plus your 941 s if you are an ero, you can using quarterly express plus file your returns and use the practitioner pin to sign them this eliminates the need for obtaining a 10 digit pin from the irs for each of your clients reporting agents that currently use 941express will be slowly migrated to use quarterly express plus over the next few quarters new reporting agents that are just now getting their etin and efin information will be required by the irs to start using the new mef system which would be our quarterly express plus product if you have questions about which direction you should go, please contact us at support@lswonline com or support@qexplus com