Lewis Software Associates, LLC - 941Express 944 Payment Page /bus-payments-944.htm   We have received your yearly tax return and will be transferring it to the IRS this evening.  Now you may pay your transmission fee by using one of 3 methods : 1) A major credit card or... 941Express 941 940 944 e-file we have received your 944 tax return using our 941express 2012 version unfortunately, we need to have this submitted using our 941express 2013 version due to the extension of the payroll tax holiday for 2012 please follow the instructions below to update your software and resubmit your return click on this download page to locate the update to our 941express 2013 software note if you choose the default directory, the return informaiton should migrate automatically to the new version if you have not been using the default directory, don t install the 2013 version on top of any previous version use a clean directory and then you can migrate the informaiton after installation if you have trouble with this, contact our support via phone or e-mail once you have updated, verify the contents of your 944 return again and resubmit it for processing you will then recieve the payment page for your transmission fee it is not necessary to resubmit your 941 if you used the 2012 version, only the 940 and 944 forms require an update at this time