Lewis Software Associates, LLC - 941Express Payment Page w-TP /bus-payments-pay40.htm   We have received your business tax return including the tax payment and will be transferring it to the IRS this evening.  The tax payment will be taken directly from your account by... 941Express 941 940 944 e-file we have received your 941 business tax return including the tax payment and will be transferring it to the irs this evening the tax payment will be taken directly from your account by the irs in a few days in order to pay your transmission fee, please use one of the following methods 1 a major credit card or paypal through the lewis software associates online store in order to generate an account, click on the account menu item prior to checking out which will allow you to store your information for future use an accont is not required, you can complete the transaction without creating an account by adding your personal information and following the prompts 2 a direct debit from your checking account for new direct debit customers you must provide us with your banking information by completing our debit authorization form after completion, fax it to us with a copy of a voided check we will take this information and begin to draft your electronic filing fees from your account please note that we cannot currently process your tax payment with your information you must make the payment within the 941express software for your balance due if we already your information on file, please answer the following questions and press the pay via direct debit button business name on tax return employer id name on debit account if different type of payment direct debit draft or check number optional 3 pre-paid invoice for all invoice customers, please complete the following form and press the pay by invoice button only new customers should complete the invoice address and contact name field the appropriate information we will process your return and send you an invoice for 1 full year of returns once the invoice has been satisfied, you will use the invoice number during that year to identify that fact that you have pre-paid for these returns we will send a new invoice once it has been satisfied business name on tax return employer id type of payment invoice invoice number existing customers invoice address and contact name for new invoice customers only var query = window location search var inputstring = unescape query var query_string = inputstring split var params = query_string 1 split & var ein = params 0 split = var name = params 1 split = document invoice ein value = ein 1 document debit ein value = ein 1 document invoice business value = name 1 document debit business value = name 1