Home - 941 e-file / 941Express Software for e-file of 940, 941 and 944 payroll returns. 941 e-file 940 e-file 944 e-file 720 e-file 720 940 941 944 e-file Reporting Agent 941Express electronic filing payroll returns 2012-32 Revenue Procedure introducing quarterly express + software released on 7/20/2014 quarterly express plus e-file software our latest product takes advantage of the new mef system by the irs to provide easy to use features for filing your business returns this product currently supports e-file for payroll 941 returns, and excise 720 returns in the next six months, we will be adding the following forms to this product excise 8849 excise 2290 payroll 940 payroll 943 payroll 944 payroll 945 click here to get more details on quarterly express plus 941express e-file software 941express final version will be released in late december 2014 and will only support ty2014 returns all users of our products will be migrated to quarterly express plus for the first quarter of 2015 filing period visit www qexplus com for more details on e-filing using our new improved e-file product